I am a freelance writer, public speaker, disability advocate/consultant and communications professional based in New York City.

Life throws everyone curve balls, unexpected pitfalls, fortunes, etc. What you do with them is your own. I’d love to tell you that since I was paralyzed in a car accident at the age of 5, I have crushed it, but that would be bullshit. In truth, my life up to this point have been a series of what feel like starts and stops. Finding my way has been a journey that has involved a lot of heartache and rejection, mainly in my career.

As a person with a disability living and working in America, I still face constant discrimination, ignorance and ableism in my every day life, especially in New York. I have been fortunate to live in diverse cities across the U.S. including San Diego, Boston, and Los Angeles, chasing my thirst for adventure and my drive for what 25 year-old-me viewed as success, but finding that what’s truly important is more about changing the world around you for good. 

My writing focuses on my unique experiences and perspectives on many topics including travel, work, fitness, and relationships, and tips from the successes and missteps along the way.  They can be overly self-centered and perhaps a bit too idealistic, but with every word, I hope to educate and inspire others with an honest insight to a variety of aspects of life, while making people laugh. My experience I don’t believe is necessarily unique to the disabled experience, but I like to think that the more people are exposed to a breadth of diverse people with disabilities, the less stigma there will be attached to seeing a person using a wheelchair.